Sunday, February 17, 2013


  • How is iGateway tracking system working?

    GPS satellites send out coordinates to your iGateway’s GPS device, then it transfers data to iGateway Data Center. iGateway System handles this data and puts your location on the map.
  • What happens with information about my location?

    Data with all your vehicle tracks and locations is stored at iGatway Data Center and available to you only. And it's your decision whether to share it with someone else or not.
  • For how long does iGateway Data Center store my history information?

    iGateway Data Center keeps all messages received from iGateway’s GPS device for a period of six months to 5 years and made available to you based on your licensing model.
  • How often does my data transferred to your iGateway’s web client?

    By default interval between transfers of GPS data is 30 seconds, but you can change it in the settings based on your licensing model.
  • Can I have a iGateway’s GPS tracking device installed in my car, so I will be able to track it?

    Yes, there are special plans available that are specially designed for installing in a car to track it.
  • What should I do, if I haven't found the answer to my question here?

    We recommend you using our forum and email facility to send your questions.